Sunday, November 23, 2008

Life Comes at you fast!!!

Soooooo, your standing there in the 34 ft tower looking at the guy in front of you and one by one you see the Joes Jump out until it's your turn. "Standby!!" the Instructor yells, you hand him your straps take a step forward and pivot toward the opening of the simulated plane door. The instructor tells you too call out your Roster number as you stare over the tree line. From this height you know that this is strictly suicide. Nervousness sets in and thoughts of how crazy I must be to even attempt this flushes over me. Nevertheless, as the instructor gives me the good game tap on on my rear end, I launch myself from the platform and hope that my rises work for me like they have worked for the thousands before me.

Hauling yourself from a building is so unreal, It's like your trying to kill yourself. The mixture of being terrified and enjoyment from the adrenline can be likened to a eating a Suicide tripple sunday, "It feels so good, But what the Hell am I doing!" The action of launching yourself from the tower is the hardest. But this is what seperates the small percentage of soldiers and other servicemen who have overcame there fears, jumped in behind enemy lines and completed their mission. I am aspiring to be an Airborne Ranger and hopefully I can write more about my successes than my failures. So far so good. But I Haven't jumped out of the real plane yet and I was told that it's harder jumping out of the tower. I don't care, I just want to walk away from every jump. I keep on telling myself, "Feet and Knees together N860"

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