Sunday, November 2, 2008

Disaster strikes In the Garden

The other day I noticed there were foot prints in the garden and my winter greens were all chewed up. The collards, broccoli, and the cabbage. It was a shame. I felt violated. Who was the culprit to jump the fence and shew up my hard work? It had to be the cats I thought. We have alot of neighborhood cats raoming around and I just knew it was one of them. Only becuase my own cats eat every poisionus plant in the house and throw up afterwood.

But one day my wife and I were preparing our dinner and I saw a flash of brown head toward the back of my quail coop and in a few moments I saw my DOG!!!!! Cheebah is a mixed bully breed with some sort of hunting breed in her maybe a hound or GSP either way she is very smart and will be a capable hunter this season.

But thats besides the point. Here she was in full fawn color standing, digging and rooting around my garden looking like a small deer. I would be lying to you if I didn't admit my first instinct was to "SHOOT" the deer in my Garden!! But I had to back track from those thoughts. Two combat tours and Preparing for Airborne and Ranger school can get my blood boiling almost instantly. But nevertheless, I knew what it was and I decided to sneak back there and catch her in the act and Boy, you should have seen the expression on her face. Forget hands caught in the cookie jar, it was more like catching a man in bed with your wife.

She knew shouldn't have been back there and the sign of "Oh shit-I have done it now" saturated her face like a 2 year old eating cream pie. Deep Breath, Deep Breath, and then I acted like fool shoutin and hollarin and banging the walls. She was scared as hell and then I let her out. I found her once again and guided her back to the garden and as soon as she got close she started back peddaling. She didn't want any more to do with that place. And so I turned it off.

Ok its a loss but it's my fault. Rule #1 Protect your garden from your pets. Especially if your using your garden to produce food to supplement the high cost of food. I should not have set my pup up for failure and I did. But needless to say my seeds are starting to grow from the compost That I laid down last week. I should have a mixed bag of winter snap peas, Bunch onions, Pakchoy, and another Asian Green. We will see how this goes, but its starting to look good more to follow.......

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