Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cilantro garlic lime grilled chicken marinade

I love chicken thighs. In fact I love all dark meat and it has nothing to do with me being black. I know someone somewhere out there is saying, " well, duhhh." Well, um nope, it has everything to do with dark meat being moist. Yeah, yeah I got it, I know what people say about how unhealthy dark meat is compared to white meat. I don't care. Dark meat is delicious, it's moist even when over cooked or cooked badly, dark meat has a certain integrity that can not be broken. Needless, to say it is no wonder I am a huge duck fan, especially of the Peking sort. And there is no place that does duck better than that awesome Peking duck place in Falls Church, Va. If you live in the DC area 'Ahem indoor gardener and growing human you have to try this place if you already haven't and you have to order there Peking duck that will feed two. I can go on and on about that place. But back to the thigh, it was absolutely great and everything we didn't expect. I say that because we didn't expect it to be so good or anything to write about. But it was. Thank God for thighs!!!

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Kenneth Moore said...


I went there last year while killing time before picking up a friend at Dulles. I didn't get the duck, but the orange chicken was pretty good. At least I now have an excuse to go back. :-D

ATW said...

BIG LOL!! Man, when you go back and try the duck, you are going to smack yourself for not trying it sooner. We go to that place everytime we hit the dc area.