Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garden of Feedin (Community Garden)

Today was a busy day. I ran a 5k race and did pretty well and after which I linked up with a new established Community organizer for Columbus, Ga first ever Community Garden. It was a humbling experience to be around Nathan, Jonathan, and Dan. These guys have put words into action.

The vision is to orchestrate a functional community garden that is community self sufficient. There are many challenges along the way. But each will be met by volunteers who want to have a part in making the unsustainable sustainable. Everyday the word is getting out and with a little more each day the Garden of feedin will reach it's objective and that's to provide a healthy alternative for the homeless and activities for the public to partake that will contribute to the health of the community.

Today we talked about compost and water catchment systems. I could have talked forever and ever. These guys are great. they are all about action and within minutes we were setting stakes for where the compost bins would be placed. Outstanding!!


Sue said...

It's great to connect with like-minded people. Sounds like you've found your niche. Have a great weekend. :)

ATW said...

Sue- thanks, I went from being the lone coyote to finding a small pack. And your right, when your working with people what think like you and have a similar vision it's a wonderful experience. Enjoy your weekend as well.

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

What a fabulous space for the garden. One of our community gardens is right on the river bank - nobody wanted to tend to it because the homeless folks tend to eat out of it. Well, YEAH! That's what it's for, IMHO. So, my family adopted that one. :D Yay for finding a pack.

ATW said...

Melissa- thats interesting because the new community garden is right behind the homeless center which happens to be in the vincinity of a river bank. Alot of the homeless tend to spend their time around the river bank up stream away from every one else. Going here actually opened my eyes to how many homeless there are in my area. And the reality of how easy it can be to go homeless. I hope our efforts can make a real difference