Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fire Pit at the Urban Homestead

OK so I may have just drawn the line in the proverbial sand. I was riding around today and headed to my old neighborhood and I noticed that home where no one lived had a gazillion pavers displaced on the side of the fence. So I asked the person living next door if anyone was claiming the pavers and they said no. I always wanted to build a fire pit. It's something about tending a fire that I am drawn to. I can literally sit outside all night and keep the fire going. I recall one time during a field exercise it was very cold and we gathered wood to burn in the wood stove to keep us all warm. I stayed up all night until the sun came up to keep that fire going while everybody slept. What draws me to fire, I don't know? But whatever it is my wife was giving me this look like I just crawled from under a rock. Ok Ok maybe my uncle had eyebrows that stuck out like sun-visors, I don't know, but what is a homestead without a place to burn wood. I think a fire pit is an essential element for homesteading. And I just didn't do a fire pit, I added a stove to that bad boy so that I can cook and make a cup of coffee, even though my kitchen is approximately 25 yards away, but that's besides the point. It's a fire pit, it's primal. It's so me and maybe that's the problem.

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