Wednesday, April 29, 2009

For Guys who take out the Garbage

So today I had a huge revelation. I was tired and hungry, because I pretty muched worked through lunch and past close of business. I came home and my wife cooked a fabulous meal pasta with seafood and fresh grilled scallops garnished with fresh basil from the garden. It was soooo delicious. I made a mixture of my jungle juice and I was feeling kind of nice or needless to say I was buzzed. It felt great. So I decided to do my part and clean up after dinner and I was in the process of taking the garbage out. When my wife saw what I had on, she was like, "Ohhh hell noooo!!, I will take the garbage out." I was shocked because I was taking the garbage out and she just didn't want me to. I personally didn't see anything wrong with the sky-blue-thigh -high running-shorts and knee-high-winter-white-rubber-fishing boots. I was just looking for some foot wear, it was the closest thing. My wife said I looked like a tranvestite and would rather take the garbabge out herself and she really did.


ChristyACB said...

OMG, I'm laughing so hard right now! LOL. What a vision that is! But I hear you, I wear my rubber boots every day. I don't see why there is a problem with pajama short, pajama top and rubber boots when I'm just taking the dogs out for a pee. Seriously?

But picked a combo for sure!

Kenneth Moore said...


I can't even... Pictures? Do you garden in that, too? Sometimes I garden in just shorts, but then, my garden's in my living room (although everyone across the courtyard can see right into my apartment, what with the blinds open 24/7. I can see them, too, and that girl really needs to close her bathroom door once in a while).

ATW said...

Christy-- I have to admit, I saw myself in the mirror and I just burst out laughing. My wife made the right call:)

Kenneth- I do alot of running and mostly crossfit workouts so I hav alot of running shorts and alot of times after a run I come back home and before heading into shower I tend the garden a bit. I just didn't know that the combo looked soooo bad.

The Beneficial Bee said...

Seriously, this post needs a picture.

ATW said...

Beneficial Bee- Im still laughing thinking about it. I would neverrrrrrrrr "KNOWINGLY" take a photo in that get-up. My wife on the other hand may try to, if she decided to blackmail me. I may need to get rid of the boots.