Friday, April 24, 2009

Growing Sugar Snap Peas

When we planted the snap peas several weeks ago, it was a truly for trial and error. I have tried on another occasion and I was unsuccessful. But today after a hard day work and drinking a few rounds of ta-kill-ya, I noticed that there was this Gi-normouse sugar pea pod that just hang out for every one to see. And to think just a couple of weeks ago I was two seconds away from taking down the sugar snap pea vines and tilling them over into the ground, because they had suffered so much from the hail storm. When we planted the peas we placed aapproximately three seeds per bamboo stick that we have formed into a tee pee. The vines were tough almost a bit dumb at times, they needed so much training and after trying almost everything I had to literally wrap 550 cord around the tepee's in sporadic sections to get the vines to climb. maybe I was the stupid one. But once they caught on to climbing and and recovered from the damage due to the hail, they are starting to reward us with a crop. I can't waait to eat one sugar snap raw. It's going to be awesome!!


ChristyACB said...

Congrats! I'm still far off from that here. My snaps didn't have great germination this year for some reason. But they are going and mine also seem a bit stupid when compared to the regular peas that twine perfectly on their own.

ATW said...

Christy- I am so glad you confirmed the vine climbing stupidity. Because I was confused. I thought vines climbed. This fall I will experiment with different types of climbing aids for those guys. I hope your guys come through this year. I literally gave up and my wife pretty much choked me back into reality and I gave them a chance. I wont have a very productive crop this year because many of the vines have died from being split right in half by the hail. Its pretty cool that my garden is preview for your growing area. I will like to compare growing times later on this year by going through posts

Sue said...

That little bugger wouldn't make it to the house. We have that same problem with cherry tomatoes. My husband goes out to the garden with a bucket to pick, but for some reason, none of them get to the kitchen. LOL! Have a great weekend