Thursday, April 9, 2009

Garlic and Onions are growing

Alot of my excitement from being a novice is looking at what I have done and saying "Ok what now?" I don't fully understand how growing garlic works. However, from all of the research I have done I do realize that I would have a little more trouble growing them in the ground compared to growing them in pots. So I took the path of least resistance and used the pots.

My Garlic and onions have sprouted shouts and are growing like a wild fire. Hopefully they grow and produce more garlic or whatever it is they do. Right now I am researching how to harvest, because what I gather is that I have to harvest them at the right time. I hope I get this one right. Because I absolutely love garlic.


ChristyACB said...

Too awesome. I still haven't done garlic yet. Maybe you can give a container A to Z tutorial on doing it. I'm very curious. I love the stuff too.

ATW said...

The garlic has taken me by surprise. I honestly didn't think it would grow this fast and I am documenting it every step of the way. All of the resources say that I should have planted it after the first frost so that the root system can develop and that planting them in the early spring is the second option but not the best. So this is experimental and I will have to wait till fall when they start to lose their foliage. Hopefully I will have some reward