Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shiso Herb

My wife's pride and joy is this little bad boy right here. The shiso plant is a Japanese Basil that is regularly used in many Japanese dishes and my wife has not been to fortunate to get a seed to grow until now. I am so happy this little guy is growing strong. She read that for shiso you really need to soak the seeds for a few days before sowing them. I honestly didn't think it was going to work, but surprisingly they took off and now we have several small shiso plants. Shiso has single handily saved my garden, because I think if it weren't for this little rascal my wife would have not become as interested as she is now in growing healthy veggies. Thank you Shiso!!


ChristyACB said...

How do you work with Shiso? I love my japanese food and it is in many of the items, but I don't know how it is used. Any info?

ATW said...

Ohh cool, you can use make shiso tempora and fry the leaves the sames as you would with any tempora batter mix. They also use it alot in there noodle dishes. Pretty much any noodle dish my wife says can have shiso added to it. Also she particularly likes her tofu garnished with shiso. Its also great with sashimi, used the same way as ginger to freshen the palate. She also says that it's great with any tomatoe based pasta or oil based pasta.

Anonymous said...