Thursday, April 9, 2009

Instead of a steak try some Lamb

Pictured here is a Grilled Lamb Shoulder, with fresh string beans dressed with roasted almonds, baked plantains and a baked cream ziti with prawns. Many people don't like lamb for one reason or another. The only reason I can come up with is that lamb tends to have a gamier flavor than beef. I have found this to be true with leg of lamb rather than shoulders. I have found that lamb shoulders placed on the grill seasoned with salt and pepper can't be touched by anything else. I love my steaks, especially a nice rare boneless rib eye. But even that rib eye has a tough time competing with the tenderness of a grilled lamb shoulder.
Lamb for what it's worth is powered punched with all 8 essential amino acids and a 3-ounce serving provides 43% of an adult males protein. An added benefit for me to purchase lamb more than I do beef, is the price. The price of a tender lamb shoulder averages around $1.90 - $2.15 per shoulder where I purchase them. I have seen considerable savings switching to lamb for my red meat source.
Also there is the fat issue; lamb has less fat content than beef. So with each cut you will get a much more leaner piece of meat than compared with beef. Me personally I love fat, lets be honest fat adds flavor. But nonetheless, since I am trying to train properly and eat right "MOST" of the time having lamb on the menu has been a great choice.


ChristyACB said...

I do love a lamb chop but had that gamey flavor when I tried a leg and it freaked me out. I gave it to the dog. So now I learned something and am going to try shoulder instead.

That does look delish too, I must say. Fried plantains are one of all time favorite sides.

Here real quick, a friend at work is sending his lamb (4H) to the processor and I'm purchasing a share of it. What cuts should I ask for given that I'll need to ask for both "good" and "less good" cuts?

ATW said...

Ohh sweet. I would stay away from any cuts in the rear and stay towards every thing in the front starting with the rack of lamb and moving toward the shoulders. You wont be disappointed.

ATW said...

I have a correction to make, start with the loin and and work your way up to the ribs and shoulders. Im my opinion the loin for chops, ribs for the rack or crown, and shoulders for steaks are where its at.