Monday, April 13, 2009

Gulf Shrimp

My wife and I love seafood. When we lived in Maryland we had regular access to Seafood, especially blue crab and striped bass which I love to fish for. When we moved to Georgia we realized that we were so far inland that we pretty much gave up eating at seafood restaurants because the seafood is never fresh. Then one day we found out about Destin, the worlds luckiest fishing village and fell in love with the place. When I come down here I'm like a grizzly fattening up on salmon. The Gulf Shrimp are caught everyday and most are alive when purchased. They come in all sizes and a few different species. We love the giant prawns, they are sweet and taste great when grilled or sauteed. We bring several pounds of seafood back home on ice when we make this trip and this time I have to do research on how to use fish emulsion as fertilizer and what I can do with the shrimp heads. And oh, yes, that shrimp is as big, as a whole ear of corn.


Kenneth Moore said...

Ha! Shout out for my state crab!

Every summer my dad and I would go catch bushels and bushels of crab, just for fun. I mean, we'd cook and eat 'em, but I just enjoy netting them. It's AWESOME (and when a bushel is selling for $200 on Fourth of July weekend, it makes you feel pretty good coming home with two bushels for the family, only paying $15 for gas for the boat).

When I was, mmm, about six and seven, I think, my dad owned a truck that he installed propane crab-cooking pots into. He sold crabs and shrimp on the side of the highway (just a 30-minute drive from DC). They weren't the crabs we caught, but it was a pretty cool weekend business.

And holy shhiii... That prawn is huge! Are you going to cook 'em up in the pit? Or make that famous pasta on your recipe blog?

ATW said...

Kenneth-LMAO... My wife and I are saying, "OMG!" to the crabs. Blue crabs are awesome, I particularly love when they come in the Soft Shell so that way I can fry them up and eat them whole on a kaiser roll. When we leave from here we are bringing several pounds of prawns back home and yes I will be grilling those monsters up. They are friggin huge and soo sooo fresh.

Kenneth Moore said...

I feel awkward passing on chain-letter-type things, but I'm really interested to see what you'd do for this.

Actually, even if you don't do it, what *would* you do?

I tagged you in an Earth Month meme to improve your environmental friendliness (with prizes!).

RD said...

Try your softshell sandwich on a toasted bun,I like oinion rolls best but kaisers work well to and then cover the crab in coleslaw for a different flavor altogether.

ATW said...

RD- your traackin, thats exactly what im talking about.