Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Destin one of the best kept secrets

Visiting Destin was great. Every time we go we have a wonderful time. This time we had challenging weather and it seemed as if the tornado's and hail followed us from home. But being a glutton for punishment I headed to the bay to do some fishing. Fishing wasn't that great due to the cold front moving in. But nonetheless, when the sky opened up enough to let the sun peak through, it made for some dramatic cloud formations and exquisitee sunsets. I have to remember that April 15th is when the pompano are running along the coast. They were being caught left and right prior to storm moving in. I would have loved to have wrestled with a few pompano in the surf. They are a great tasting fish. Maybe next year or later on this fall I will try my hand at snapper and maybe some grouper, mmmmm........ So since I was not able to bring any fish back to the villa, I had to buy some freshly caught fish at the market. It was my first time eating scamp and it was absolutely delicious. My wife packed most of the ingredients from home and put them in the cooler. Garlic, butter, sea salt and the pepper mill. The fish coupled with fresh veggies and prawns was awesome. My only disappointment was not being able to find my beer singha an import from Thailand that I absolutely love. So I resorted to a new Belgian brew that racked up a 9.8% alcohol content and I couldn't remember nothing after polishing that joker off. But anyway, we ended up buying a George Foreman grill the "G5" (Whatever) I'm not really into the whole Foreman grill hype, but my wife really wanted a waffle maker that also made panini bread sandwiches and the Foreman had many options. All in all Destin was beautiful even though the weather was bad, the food was great and we had time to step away from the garden and regroup after the disaster this past week.


ChristyACB said...

Sounds awesome! I've never been there and after the rainy and cold weekend, I could sure use a bit of sunny beach. :)

Grouper...deliciousness. But what an ugly fish.

ATW said...

Christy- we soo needed the vacation, my wife is scheduling another trip in less than 3 weeks from today. We love it down there. As for me I love going to the beach in the winter. No crowds, just peace and quiet. And yes grouper is sooo good, I caught a 20pound grouper on a head boat and was offered $70 for it. I told that guy he was out of his mind.