Thursday, April 30, 2009

Growing Edamame

The new foliage from my edamame plants have made a full recovery from the hail storm a few weeks back. I was really concerned with the way they looked and if it wasn't for the knowledgeable people who follow this blog and giving me great advice I would have turned these guys into compost. But instead I held tight and gave the plants a chance to regroup and regroup they did.
The edamame plants are cold sensitive and we gambled putting them in the ground early. I honestly think the raised beds have proven themselves in every situation. Because without the raised beds, I would not be able to keep my soil warm in the coldest weather. Prior to planting the seeds we lasagna layered our compost in the beds and finished it off with some good soil on top. It was to no surprise that underneath the soil the microbes went to work composting and keeping the interior warm while the outside temp dipped below 30 degrees on some days. But yet the edamame survived and are en route to produce a bountiful harvest that will go great with my beer.


ChristyACB said...


I'm probably not going to attempt the edamame this year, though I do love them so, so I'll enjoy yours vicariously. :)

Kenneth Moore said...

:-S Mine went a bit south, y'know, with the bacterial pustule. The replacement is doing a little better, but yours are so vigorous! I think I need more compost. Or maybe a backyard. :-D

ATW said...

Christy- I can't wait to post some with a nice cold lager.

Kenneth- My compost has been my ace in the hole. For some reason all my veggies have doubled in size this week. I don't know what is going on. The edamame are so strong and they have this very interesting velvet look to thier leaves. ANd I noticed some flowers starting to form.