Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Always try it Twice

The first time I tried brussel sprouts was more than ten years ago and I vowed that I would never eat them again. They were bitter and mushy and yuck! They represented everything a kid hated in vegetables and it didn't help that they were green. Fast forward to today and I am shocked at myself by how tolerant and forgiving I have been to things that have offended me. I think it started with the snails. I had es cargo somewhere and they were yuck! and a few years later I was sitting at the bar in a nice place to eat and the bartender told me that for an appetizer I should try the es cargo and I said "Nah, I had a bad experience, I tried them once and I will never do it again." He told me that if I didn't like the snails that he would put them on his bill and I wouldn't have to pay for them. I couldn't pass that up. The only thing I would lose would be the refreshing taste of the wiezen, but to no delay I ordered them and I was SHOCKED, they were excellent and from that day forward I vowed to always try something twice and sometimes I have pushed the envelope to three and four times.
And so here I am with the infamous brussel sprout and they taste delicious. That's because I found the secret; which is the GRILL! Just rub these bad boys with a mixture of butter and freshly crushed garlic and set them on the flame and something magical happens to brussel sprouts.


ChristyACB said...

Here's to that sentiment!

Now, if one could only get a person (namely teenager) to realize this before they move out of the house. :)

ATW said...

That would be an acheivement. Unfortunately for me I was one of those teenagers that didn't eat many veggies at home. It was only when I met my hippy "GREEN" friends that I understood eating veggies were trendy and if it weren't for the trendy factor I would have never appreciated it as early as I did.