Thursday, March 5, 2009

I've made a decision

Over the past few days I have noticed all the resident Redtail hawks engaging in thier annual courtship flights. It's pretty amazing seeing these guys together, soaring high and the males with outstretched talons. I made my mind up today because as I was doing some garden work I saw a young male Redtail swoop in to the tree above my property. He didn't have a clue that a potential mate was in the mews below him. He just sat there and sun bathe, while preening himself. Honestly, I felt a sense of sadness because my hunting buddy couldn't join him. At this point it's more about Taka than it is about me. I have been reducing my presence around a little bit more everyday. I am getting her fat so that she has a good start to be able to kill her own food and find a mate. Im trying to stay tough and look at it as though it's just apart of nature taking it's course, but the sentimental spark in me has started a small fire and with each day that passes I am beggining to miss my time with Taka. She is one goofey Hawk, But one hell of a Killer. I will surely miss her and this Sun will be the day I release her back into the wild.

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