Saturday, March 21, 2009

Growing Potatoes in a bucket

My potatoe seeds are doing pretty good in the bucket. They have grown out of the box from just two or three days ago. So today I decided that I would experiment by adding another bucket on top of the bucket that has the seed potatoes planted in them. There are still green growth that are covered in this bucket. But I can't waste time waiting for them to reach the height of these guys, so some sacrifices need to be made.
I figure if I cut the bottom of another bucket, place it on top of the plants and add dirt I should be able to extend the growth of the potatoes and therefore have them produce more potatoes in the bucket. I admit it's abit exciting to see how far I can get them to grow. But I am promising myself that I will stop with this bucket. Because if I don't I will have buckets ten feet high and with no clue on how to gather my potatoes.

So once the bottom of the bucket is cut I place the bucket on top of the plants and fill it with dirt right up to the leaves. They are growing at a very fast rate and I want to give them the very best oppurtunity to produce.


JLB said...

We use tires here and stack the tires higher for potatoes... :) Not growing season here yet though :( Good luck!

ATW said...

JLB-- Thanks, I have been reading about the tires and I think it's an awesome idea. I would have never thought about growing potatoes in anything except the ground gardening this way has really helped me to think outside of the box literally. How much of a harvest do you get on average?