Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Dwarf Peach and Cherry Trees have arrived

I have always wanted to plant fruit trees and have a mini orchard. My only issue was the fact that, 1 many fruit trees grow way to big and 2 allot of the varieties don't self pollinate and being new at this I don't want to make the mistake of buying two trees that are not compatible. So with a little of research I found some companies that offer dwarf fruit trees and more importantly these companies have a large variety that self pollinate. Maybe self-pollination is not the way to go, I don't know but for now it's going to be easy to for me to grow self-pollinators than trying to position two trees that need each other. Last year the bees were nowhere to be found so I have become quite apprehensive about getting anything that needs bees. But to the contrary, this year is abounding with all types of honey bees in this early spring. Besides my having a severe phobia of bees, I am looking forward to seeing more honey bees in my garden this year.


ChristyACB said...

You are too funny!

I'm very excited for you that your trees are here. I'm doing the exact same thing you are.

The way I look at it, I can get experience with fruit trees on these dwarf, mostly self-pollinating ones and then expand when I know what I'm doing. You too?

Hopefully, the rest of my orchard will arrive soon. 8 different types of fruits..whoohoo! Including bananas!

ATW said...

Yes BEES!!!! Can you believe that. I can jump out of a plane with a full combat load and run toward gun fire, but that damn bee leaves me paralyzed. But like any fear that I have, I have learned to get over it by fully engaging myself in it and therefore Im really going to do the unthinkable and manage bees one day (Oh Boy, deep breath)

The idea of having a mini orchard is awesome. I am right on the same train of thought you are on with self pollinators. I want to trees that can do their own thing, so virtually it's dummy proof and as I understand more about how fruits grow and pollinate I will introduce some trees that need pollinators.

Congrats on your Mini Orchard I look forward to seeing pics and I heard those bananas are really good. I may have to try that one to.