Sunday, March 29, 2009

Growing Tomatoes

Our Raised beds are really working out for all of our vegetables especially the tomatoes. I bought three transplants and they almost doubled in size. The tomatoes we grew from seeds have taken off and all of them have really strong stalks. This is going to be the year of truth, although I grew a really strong tomato bush last year I was unable to produce any fresh tomatoes. I was told that if you shake the tomatoes they will pollinate. Well I will be shaking, praying, rain dancing and whatever else it takes to have one tomato grow.


ChristyACB said...

Tomatoes aren't as easy as everyone says for sure.

Since we are doing the same style of "farming" I can pass you a couple of tomato tips.

Definitely take off some of the suckers. With the smaller footprint for each plant, you'll get smaller tomatoes if you don't.

Also, just give them a little shake in the mornings once it gets hot and not a lot of dew. Otherwise you'll be holding half a plant like I was one morning.

You're way ahead of me in growth being further south. I can live vicariously through you while mine stay under lights for now. :)

ATW said...

Christy:) thanks for the advice. I will definately keep the blog updated on the growth of the garden. Im a bit worried with this cold front coming through. I have to tell my wife what to do in my absence but with her Im sure she is all over it.