Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dwarf Cherry and Peach trees doing well

My dwarf cherry and Peach tree have started to sprout out. I must admit I was a bit worried when I received my dwarf fruit trees because they were just sticks. I was expecting a small tree already equipped with the basics. But nope instead I came home to find a rolled up piece of cardboard with wet material wrapped around the roots. I felt a bit disappointed. But I figure I give the anorexic sticks a chance and add some organic compost to humus, water
them and watch. Amazingly those sticks were alive and everyday their shoots are spreading out a little more. The cherry and peach are self pollinating and eventually I will add more dwarfs to my little orchard. But so far so good. I hope they keep on trucking along and eventually produce wonderful fruit.

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ChristyACB said...

Yippee! I know that feeling. When I got all those little sticks I was like...uhh, these are supposed to be trees, right?

My cherry is starting to get some action as are my apples and my peach is going crazy!

It is so nice to know that those sticks are so amazingly resilient isn't it?