Sunday, March 1, 2009

Making Good Use of our Sunroom

Our Sunroom has been more of a Mud room than a sunroom. But recently, my wife has had a spark in planting veggies and decided that our sunroom would make the perfect green room, which I think is awesome, because now that means we can grow veggies all year round and at the minimum start them right. She wants to put a shelving system in there that I will build that can work with the natural sunlight that we recieve from the south view.

So far my wife has started potatoes, herbs, such as the thyme and oregano that has started in the seed trays and my surprise garden aka (to-lazy-to-label-anything-tray-so-I-don't-know-what-is-what-garden) Surprise! I can say that this incident single handedly pushed my wife over the cliff and jumpstarted her interest into having a more structred and organized garden. Leave it up to me I will have a garden with some of this and some of that. Leave it up to my wife and we will at least know what we are eating. What can I say Im pretty busy these days but nonetheless, its great to have a partner that shares your goals and wants to see the success of this years harvest as much as I want to.

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