Saturday, March 21, 2009


One day I was having a conversation with a buddy who has seen his fare share of doom and destruction and we were talking about what would be valuable in a hypothetical post-apocolyptic world. Without breaking a beat he blurted out 'CHICKENS AND EGGS!" I looked at him a little weird at first and thought, Hmmmm, I see where your going with this, Because hypothetically speaking if we happen to be living in a post apocolyptic world money would have no value. However, Goods and Services would be sought after and Chickens and eggs would be more valuable than gold. Something to think about, but I would have to put my stock in guns and ammo before the chickens and eggs.


Shelley said...

Your buddy certainly has a point. My family seriously considered doing chickens but our HOA will not allow us to. (we are now on the lookout for a few acres of land to purchase nearby in order to have chickens without restriction.
Im hopeful that I can make trade with chicken owners in the mean time - I can give them compost for the vegetable gardens (or give them rabbit ears for their pets) and they can share some eggs!:)

Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

To answer your question about free ranging the chickens... When they were small, we started them in a chicken tractor because we hadn't finished the coop. Once the coop was done and they were moved in, the first two days, we didn't let them out of the coop at all. On day 3, we let them hang out in their run (fenced in section next to their coop.) Then, when they had destroyed all the greenery - LOL it didn't take long - I felt sorry for them and began to let them out a few minutes each day. One day, I forgot to put them back in the run and they ended up free ranging all day - with the dogs & cats! Since that went well, we let them free range everyday. When dusk hits, they head back to their coop. It's pretty rare that we have to put anybody inside - all we really do is just shut and lock their door. I do have a bucket that I keep kitchen scraps in. If I ever have to do a chicken round-up, I just walk outside with the bucket. I'm like the Pied Piper. It only took me 2 days to teach them I keep treats in the bucket so now they run to me whenever they see it. They can fly but they usually stay in our yard. If they do escape, it's to the horse pature and again, I just head out w/ the bucket and they'll fly back over the fence to get a treat. As long as they know where their coop is, they'll return to it at night.

ATW said...

Shelly- We have two girls and Im not sure about any ordinance where I live. I have serached for it but I can not find it. However, I did talk to my neighbors before I picked up my hens. Pretty much if the neighbors are cool and if things are done tastefully then there shouldn't be an issue. This was the advise given to me. So all in all we have really tried to create a special place that is asthetically pleasing to the eye where chickens add to instead of take away. And if all else fails I am a licensed falconer and am allowed to keep birds of prey and my chickens provide eggs to supplement my hawks diet;)

Melissa- Thanks so much for the advice. I am in the middle of chicken proofing my veggie gardens so the Hens can have free range. I have alot of bugs particularly the brown and black widow sort that like to hang all over the place. I would hate to see one of my chickens die due to a bite, But these guys look tough and are eager to eat everything. Great techinique with the bucket, I will add a whistle along with that bucket so they can eventually be turned on to just coming to the whistle.