Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Photos of Mr. Carsons Farm at Callaway Garden

This past weekend my wife, cheeba our dog and I went to Mr Carsons organic vegetable garden it was a great trip and very inspirational
Tractor used to turn the winter wheat back into the soil

Small shop with vegetable garden

Winter Wheat waiting to be turned into the ground

Fruit tree. Maybe a peach?

Spanish Lavendar

Mr Carsons farm
More of the Orchard with Bee Hives in the background
Garlic Chives

Bees that produce honey for the farm and pollinate all the plants
The closest I will ever get to bee again, before I start my own hive

Muscadine vines new foliage


Small Herb garden
Tulips and flowers

Our dog Cheeba looking out the window on the way to Mr Carsons Garden:)


ChristyACB said...

Those are amazing photos! I'm envious of your visit since that place looks perfect! Everything was so neat and well ordered, yet lively.

Did you drool over the layout of that generous portion of nicely fenced veggie garden?

ATW said...

Christy-Mr Carsons Vegetable garden is awesome! We are pretty lucky to live near callaway gardens. They also sell their produce in an open market and use the fresh veggies for restaraunts. And yes we were very impressed with the veggie, I saw wanted to start eating raw veggies right there. And they have an unbelievable herb garden. I will get more photos of that soon. Its insane