Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Something is eating my Veggies

My wife and I are trying to grow a garden that is all organic. We have done a real good job with managing our plants. But today I noticed that some little monster has been chewing on my leaves and it's everywhere. It's driving me crazy. This is going to be a problem. My veggies are really taking in alot of nutrients from the compost turned into the rich soil. Everything has been going well and now we have this monster dining on our freshly new sprouts.
I don't want to use chemicals on my garden, I would rather stay away from that stuff. We are doing some reserarch on how to curtail this monster away from our garden without introducing any harmful materials to our little enviroment. But I guess I shouldn't be to upset because if the bugs like them, that means our veggies are good.

I have read that soap water can be used to deter the monster away but im not sure if this is just hokus pokus gypsy magic or if this stuff really works. We will see, but whatever come what may, im prepared to win this battle.

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