Friday, March 20, 2009

The Back Yard farmer (A great Read!)

Here is a book on the net that has tons of information and was written back in 1914. These guys had it right.,M1


Naomi Sachs, ASLA said...

John Seymour's Complete Guide to Self-Sufficiency is also excellent: I think there may be a U.S. version as well. Inspiring and also gives a good reality check about how much work it takes to be truly self-sufficient (and that if you're a vegetarian, Muslim, or Jew, it ain't gonna be easy! Pigs make the self-sufficient world go 'round).

ChristyACB said...

Thanks of the link! You may also want to try a book I recently bought called The Have-More Plan. It has the kitsch of having been written about 50 years ago (totally sexist and funny) but it is short, very well done and it was a husband and wife team. It is being reprinted now and is on amazon.

ATW said...

Naomi- thanks for the link, I will definately check that book out. And as for all the vegeterians and non-pig eaters; all I have to say is, they are not hungry enough.

Christy- your welcome, I will look up that one also. I want to get a nice little library going and hopefully be able to have plenty of resources here for people just like myself starting out. I will crack up about the sexist conotations.