Saturday, March 21, 2009

Pak Choy Saved

I absolutely love Pak Choy. The tender leaves are great for stir fry and they soak up flavor great. The nasty little monsters were chewing up these things left and right and threatened my whole garden. But once I got rid of those nasty bugs, My green leafed vegetables took off.
Pak choy doesn't grow really big they tend to take on the characteristics of a cabbage, spinach and lettuce all in one. It wont be long until I start sauteing this guys up with some freshly chopped garlic and Olive oil.


Shelley said...

That's a lovely plant! It gets way to hot where I live to still be growing lettuces/spinach and such.
Thanks for popping by on my blog! We are learning as we go too but I have found our local county extension office to be of HUGE help!
I will be posting a good post tomorrow! Im going to add you to my blog read list!
How did you get the "reaction" section on your blog posts? That's pretty nifty!

Concrete Jungle LA said...

How, oh how, oh how, did you get rid of the bugs? I have aphids getting fat on my salad greens.

Sue said...

Just stumbled onto your blog.
You have a lot of neat ideas, etc.Looking forward to following.
What gardening zone are you in?

ATW said...

Shelly- thanks for checkin in we are learning alot about growing this year adn I really want to start up with some rabbits next later on. We will definately have alot of Leafy greens for them to occassionally add to there diet

CJLA- I have read so much on how to sway these critters away from my leafy greens and nothing, I mean nothing seems to work. So I went to my best nursery across town that specializes in organic material and oddly enough she advised me to use (Hi-Yield) 10% Carbaryl. I know all the hardcore organic growers will throw their noses in the air at this stuff but the time it was taking me to figure out what works was taking way to much time. I literally lost a third of my crop over a period of a few nights and when I used this stuff I noticed new growth growing back on my plants that were not badly hit in about three days. I don't like to use chemicals, I don't even like to take medicine but when you have no other option you have to do what you have to do.And my salad greens have come back with a vengance.

Sue- Thanks for stopping in. Im in zone 8. I put all my ideas together from bits and pieces of information from homesteaders and gardeners that I have followed in a short period. I guess you have to be innovative when you don't have alot of money or space. That just makes it more fun:)