Wednesday, March 25, 2009

First Spring Harvest

The mesculine lettuce have survived and provided a bountiful crop. They had their challenges from being over crowded and chomped down by tiny green leafed hungry monsters. As soon as we controlled the pests and thinned the lettuce out by only keeping the strong, they regained their strength and produced brilliant full green leaves. We decided to have our first spring salad by ading a few cherry tomatoes which were extremely sweet, almonds and steamed shrimp, drizzled with rasberry vinagerette. Im looking forward to our next salad. Recipe found posted at


ChristyACB said...

Looks delish!

Almost seems like our gardens are doing similarly. I harvested a butter lettuce and added fuji apple, cukes, cheese, pecans, dried cherries and raspberry vinegarette.

Aren't those first salads the best?

ATW said...

christy- the salad was amazing, the lettuce actually had flavor. I forgot to add that we added some of the oriental spinach into it also. But nothing tops the fuji apple and other add ins you did. That sounds really good.

Sue said...

Oh, that salad looks like heaven. I have gone all winter without FRESH greens. I'm really looking forward to that first salad.

ATW said...

Sue- thanks We love a good salad. I have a weakness for fresh pawns on a bed of crisp of greens.