Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Best Beer Food Ever!!!!

Our Edamame have sprouted and they have pushed through the soil with such fiercness. They do not grow on a vine and grow low to the ground in a bush. But ironically something seems to be wrong; it seems as though that there have been way to many edamame that have been planted. My wife is the stingiest seed sower ever. Im the one that grows and overcrowds everything. But she is sure that she didn't plant that many. It seems that the edamame have multiplied in our raised bed. I have to do more research on how they grow. But as for now they booming. If the economy can grow as well as these edamame are we all will be great.


Moore4less said...

This site is very legit and informative about natural food. I like how the author makes it easy to understand this new venture that other interested novices like myself would like to know as well.

Kenneth Moore said...

Hah, Moore4less, Urban's site makes me jealous that I don't have a backyard anymore... But Edamame! I love edamame! Mine are about the only plants doing awesomely at the moment, and they're just starting to be bushy. After about six or seven leaves, they start growing new branches from the nodes. When other things in the garden make me sad, the soybeans lift my heart!

ChristyACB said...

Last year my edamame didn't do well at all. I sowed them too early and they suffer mightily from cooler temps.

Good luck with yours!

Is there anything better than popping out little edamame from a nice salty pod while sipping on a Red Stripe or Stella on a hot summer day after gardening?

Nope, I don't think so. :)

ATW said...

Moore4less- Ironically most of my knowledge has come from individuals who blog about there experiences. I am still in the process of learning. Nevertheless, there is so much info out there from real people. The more you search around and connect with those who share their experiences, it wont be long before you are starting to share your own. Thanks for the post and I look forward to hearing about your ventures.

Kenneth- I think it's great that you still garden in your space. For sometime I was looking at my backyard and saying man I don't have any room and than I started researching and like many people came across pathtofreedoms site and said wait a minute, I have plenty of room. If you think you have it bad you should research some of the Japanese blogs in Tokyo. These guys have noooooooo space and are growing amazing things. One thing that I thought was cool was how this one guy bought soil in a bag and planted the seeds right in the bag and put the bags in containers that could hold about three bags. I have never seen that but what an awesome idea.

Christy- There is nothing better than popping edamame salty pods in your mouth and sipping on a beer, to bad im training now because I would boil up some right now and start sippin;)

Shelley said...

No fair!! I too planted Soy Beans and for some reason they haven't even germinated yet. Im going to give them 2 more days and then Im digging to get to the root of the problem (heh)

ATW said...

Shelly- thats a shame. Has the temperature in the ground been warm. What we have done in our raised beds was to turn up the original ground, then add a think layer of semi decyaed leaves, then cover it with paper bags from the super market and then add a thick layer of compost and finally add more dirt to the top of the compost. The decayed leaves are composting in the bed and it keeps the ground moist and we stick the seeds about an inch or so into the ground and walla. I hope your seeds are starting to come up. I love Soy beans