Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I've Got the Homestead Bug

I was talking to my wife today and we realized without knowing it how much more meaningful our relationship has become since we have started gardening together. She mentioned to me that it's a healthy and cheap way to have fun. Well I don't know so much about cheap but it's definately healthy and it's definately addictive. It's to the point where we text each other about the garden. "Did you water?" "How did the plants look?" "OMG the basil is growing!!" I find myself looking at my yard and trying to figure out how I can plant more vegetables and fruit trees in the small spaceand have them be productive. My wife even mentioned that if we lossed our crop to bugs or something else we would have to get counseling. I must say it's very exciting and the learning process is steady. I also need to calm down on looking in the chicken coop to see if there is another egg. The facts that these chickens are producing eggs every 24hrs is in itself simply amazing. My wife is already attached to them and has said the dinner plate will never be an option. So I guess Ezelle and Ester are here to stay even if they wont be able to produce any eggs in there old age;)


ChristyACB said...

That is wonderful that this has made your relationship even stronger!

I think it is too hilarious that you text about the plants. I do that too, but strangely, I have no regret gobbling them up either!

I totally agree on the chickens. They are not tomato plants and you get attached. No way to eat things we tickle, is there?

ATW said...

Christy-- Im such a carnivore it's a shame. but im learning to tame down my primitive side. I guess there were alot of primitive people that farmed instead of hunted for a living. So im touching into that other side of me and it's fun.