Saturday, March 28, 2009

Food Blog

My wife and I have been following food blogs for a long time and with the great feedback we have recieved, we have decided to post our personal food ventures on our very first food blog :

We will post all of our homesteading ventures on this blog and link all the recipes to the food blog. All of our recipe posts will be orginal pictures and dishes that we have either created ourselves or followed from a known recipe. The main Idea behind the food blog is to be able to use fresh homegrown ingredients or food that has been grown locally.


Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Well, the first step to writing a book is... writing a blog! Congrats on the debut. Now I'm off to follow that blog!! Yippeee

ATW said...

Melissa- my wife says "Yay!!"

ChristyACB said... she succumbed to our pleading? Yeah!

ATW said...

HAHA yeah she just needed some encouragement, its going to be fun taking pics when ever she makes something special. I would hope to get some recipes from you guys occassionally, especially treats, we love treats