Sunday, March 29, 2009

Early morning Relief

I woke up this morning to find that my veggies were relieved the rain had stopped. The sky literally fell on us for the past three days and still there is rain in our forecast. But this morning was a bit special. When I took a look at the garden I noticed that all of the leaves on every vegetable were perked up to touch catch the glimmer of sun rays that were shooting from the east. It was as if they were all clapping and giving each other encouragement and a pat on the back for weathering the storm. It was almost as if there was a sense of relief to raise their leaves skyward after being beaten down for more than 48 hrs. They all survived and I'm wiping my brow in relief to.


Sue said...

I'm happy everything turned out okay. The weather seems to be "all or none" anymore, doesn't it? Well, those raised beds saved the day.
Take care

ChristyACB said...

Your veggies look FAB!

ATW said...

Sue- Im very happy the raised beds are working the plants look good. I think we would have lost everything if it were not for the raised beds.

Thanks Christy so far so good (keeping fingers crossed)