Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Compost system

Our Compost bin started a little over a year ago. We started by collecting all of the leaves in our back yard and storing them in this makeshift compost bin that I recycled from an old metal shed. The compost on the right is a years worth of dead leaves, cut grass, old and rotten veggies and fruit, coffee grounds and paper products. It is really rich and is loaded with worms. I am using this pile and I am not adding any more to it. It will serve all of my needs for gardening this year and so far so good.
I seperated the pile so that I can take this past fall leaves and start the working pile for our compost needs during the 2010 gardening season. This system seems like its going to work for our needs. We just start one pile on the other side while we use our processed pile. Its a win win situation for every body. The worms love it, the veggies really love it and the real honest reason I started this whole system is because im to lazy to put leaves in a bag and bring them to the front. This way is just way to easy and instead of pulling leaves to the front I have found myself picking up my neighbors leaves and bringing them to the back.

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